Expect More From Your Cloud Infrastructure

Deploy in seconds and scale your infrastructure with powerful cloud computing, simplified.

Dedicated CPU & SSDs

With NordicVM, teams can build what they want and expand when they need to with total peace of mind.

Flexibility & Automation

NordicVM cloud infrastructure supports dynamic changes and DevOps automation for optimal results.

Kubernetes Engine

Deploy Kubernetes worldwide and integrate NordicVM plugins or native tooling, and launch clusters in minutes.

Dedicated Resources

Get 25%, 50%, 75%, or an entire dedicated server with the advantages of the NordicVM platform - including monthly billing and fast provisioning.

Spin Up Instances Fast

Launch powerful virtual infrastructure worldwide in seconds and maintain full control of your environment from end-to-end.

Build, Test, Scale

Power your applications with easy integration, dedicated CPUs, SSDs, and RAM just for you. Get the flexibility to build and grow without constraints.

Servers in the Cloud, Optimized

Customize and deploy infrastructure to help you succeed.

Create virtually unlimited operating system combinations by uploading your own OS image or an external snapshot image in RAW format.

Custom ISO

Did not found application or OS, which will fit your needs? Upload your custom ISO.

Instance Backup

Deploy new server from a an Cloud Instance backup in just seconds.

Instance Snapshot

Deploy a copy of your current Cloud Instance from a snapshot