Anti-DDoS Voxility

NordicVM will provide Protection against DDoS Attacks.

How the Anti-DDoS protection works

Anti-DDoS protection works anycast - IPs are announced in all filtering centers and the attack is mitigated in the center closest to its source; Protection works for any known type of DDoS attack, regardless of the network layer. The chances of being targeted by a DDoS attack are high and there are many attempts. A DDoS attack wants to make a server, service, or infrastructure unavailable by overloading the server's bandwidth or by overloading its resources to the point of exhaustion. During a DDoS attack, a multitude of requests is sent simultaneously from several points on the Internet. The intensity of this "fire" (Crossfire) makes the service unstable or, even worse, unavailable.


Game servers are prone to DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. The security solutions implemented by game hosting providers often have limited capabilities when dealing with the intensity and frequency of these attacks, especially UDP attacks, which exploit the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) - the protocol used by most game and voice servers.


VPS (virtual private server) servers have Anti-DDoS protection. You can host any kind of game server on a VPS like SA: MP, MTA, FIVEM. VPS servers are protected from UDP attacks which are the most common attacks on game servers. NordicVM VPS servers are protected with 1 Tbps + protection.

ANTI-DDoS TeamSpeak3

Teamspeak 3 voice servers are protected by Anti-DDoS with a capacity of 1 Tbps. Anti-DDoS protection is designed to protect Teamspeak 3 voice servers so you can talk to players on your TeamSpeak 3 server with no lag and low latency.


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